We use industrial-strength, highly concentrated fragrance oils. These are the same ingredients in your perfume at much higher concentrations. If you don’t rub these potions on your skin or drink them, they will not harm you.

None of our fragrances will be in contact with guests and cannot cause a histamine reaction.

Our mission is to create experiences that weave seamlessly into your event and with so many variables the only we can ensure perfect scent distribution is by having each event staffed with a trained sentologist.

Yes. Because we are not a perfume house we have access to fragrances and materials

We use both natural and synthetic fragrance materials. This creates the best options for fragrance creation and is the most environmentally sustainable way to develop fragrances. All of our materials are IFRA compliant.

While we use some of the principles associated with aromatherapy. We are not versed in this art and highly recommend that our products are not used for consumption or as tinctures for body application.

As a full-service event company that offers fragrance development and distribution at live events. We curate fragrances for virtual events and have several interactive services where guests can create their own diffusers.

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Sentology Celebrates the Art of Sensory Experience.

By strategically weaving together the five senses we create memorable experiences for your clients and guests. We transform an event or special occasion by combining or pairing the traditional elements of an event to create an entirely new immersive experience.