A melody has the power to soothe. A view, the ability to awe.
A touch can give us comfort. And a good meal, delight.
But a scent?
Scent can move us.
Take us through time.
Back to a person. A place. A memory.
To a lover’s embrace.
A childhood home.
A warm summer day.
Like deja vu. Or a dream.
It stirs our soul.
Awakens a deep longing within us.
Because you see, scent holds magic stronger than any other.
The magic to create.
But just as quickly as it washes over us, it dissipates. Fades.

Leaving nothing behind
But the memory.

-Tiffany Rose Goodyear

Scentex Celebrates the Art of Sensory Experience.

Scentex is an event services company that curates and orchestrates custom fragrances for weddings, galas, meetings, and events. Our Fragrance Technicians are on-site for every experience to manage the scentscape in real-time, so it perfectly harmonizes with the overall environment.

By strategically incorporating fragrance into your event, we’ll create a truly memorable experience for your clients and guests. One that is destined to charm, enchant, elevate, and set a new standard for all special occasions moving forward.

Unique. Precise. Perfect.

Our full-service solution includes scent strategy, fragrance consultation, and on-site installation. Our team will also stay at your event to ensure every one of your guests has a perfectly moderated scent experience that fits into and complements the environment.

Together, we’ll create a one-of-a-kind, high-end affair that your clients and guests will never forget.


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