Our Process

Scentex has a deliberate and proven process for scenting your event. Our team is with you at every step, listening to your vision and providing expert recommendations along the way. See below for more details about our process for creating the perfect harmony of scents for your event.


The first step in our process involves what you’re doing right now — being curious about how fragrance can take your event and your guests’ experience to the next level. You and your clients care about how every single detail comes together to make an immersive and spectacular occasion. Whether you are referred or find us organically, the first step is being curious enough to reach out.

Let us know when the event is and the cause for celebration. Our process for weddings, social events, and corporate events is similar but not the same. Please fill out the form that best describes your event so we can approach it with the most appropriate process.


Let’s chat. After receiving your inquiry, we will schedule a call to get to know you, your event, and the ultimate goals of your event. Our work is collaborative, so it’s vital we have an understanding of all of the event elements. We discuss overall look and feel, decor, food, lighting, and entertainment. We also discover how all of these important details fit into your venue and timeline. Then, we create a scent strategy based on your needs. Every event is unique, and we aim to create a scentscape that weaves seamlessly into the environment. We also talk about your personal relationship to fragrance and address any questions you may have about introducing this cutting-edge service to your event.

Confirmation + Contract

Scenting is a team sport. All of Scentex’s scentscaping services include expert staff who are on-site, crafting the scent experience for the duration of the event. Each of our events is custom-priced based on services requested, number of fragrances, size of venue, and duration. Depending on your estimated costs, a non-refundable deposit and a signed contract is due to book your event date. We are able to hold your date, hire staff, and reserve equipment with a deposit.


This is where the magic happens. Based on your unique event and all of the delightful details we’ve discovered together, our Fragrance Specialist curates custom fragrance options that will enliven the guest experience. We ship these fragrances to you so you can smell them for yourself and include instructions on how best to approach them. We encourage you to make your own notes and observations about each of the fragrances and if they’re a right fit for your event.

Once you’ve had a chance to spend time with the fragrances, we schedule a call to discuss what you think and either finalize your options or provide a second round.

During this phase, we also work with your planner or venue contact to obtain a timeline and the general layout of the floorplan. Depending on the size and scope of your event, we may schedule a site visit and coordinate with the on-site AV team.

Feel free to reach out to us at any time during the process. In the months before your event, we are available by phone and email to discuss any questions that arise. Four weeks before your event, we will reconnect with you to confirm final details, staff, and travel arrangements. Based on those details, we create and send your final invoice.


Let’s put on a show. Our team of talented Fragrance Technicians arrive at the scheduled time and begin to transform the aroma in the venue by setting-up the fragrance systems. For the duration of the event, the team monitors the strength of each fragrance and the location of equipment, changing fragrances as needed to ensure the optimum scent effectiveness for your guests. At the end of the event, our team retrieves all of our items, leaving nothing but the faint remembrance of the scent.


Finally, the least fun, but very important part of our process is talking about pricing. All of Scentex’s scentscaping services include equipment, fragrance, and expert staff for the duration of the experience. Each event is custom-priced based on the services requested, number of fragrances, size of venue, and duration of event.

Scentex Celebrates the Art of Sensory Experience.

Scentex is an event services company that curates and orchestrates custom fragrances for weddings, galas, meetings, and events. Our Fragrance Technicians are on-site for every experience to manage the scentscape in real-time, so it perfectly harmonizes with the overall environment.

By strategically incorporating fragrance into your event, we’ll create a truly memorable experience for your clients and guests. One that is destined to charm, enchant, elevate, and set a new standard for all special occasions moving forward.