The Scentologist

Tiffany Rose Goodyear

Founder + CEO

When it comes to understanding and leveraging the power of scent, Tiffany Rose Goodyear is the nose that knows. Her groundbreaking approach of using scent to enhance experiences has led to collaborations with corporate clients and event planners across the nation. The result? Unparalleled engagement and brand lift in the eyes of guests who enjoy Tiffany’s first-of-their-kind, fully immersive, and customized sensory-based events.

Tiffany began incorporating sensory elements into her work long before launching Sentology. During her days as a marketing consultant, she created the first-ever scented piece of art for the Denver International Airport. Later, after opening the successful Denver-based catering company, Yours Truly Cupcake, she took her story-driven sensory marketing to the next level by curating branded experiences and edible libations for clients like Neiman Marcus, Pernod Ricard, Kate Spade, and Louis Vuitton. Her original approach gained the attention of local media outlets like Colorado Expression, Denver Life Magazine, and Denver Business Journal. In 2015, she won an “Art and Olfaction” award and was named a Semi-Finalist in Scion’s “Motivate” challenge for the Top 50 Young entrepreneurs in America.

Today, Tiffany is passionate about helping clients rise above the clutter of audio and visual branding by strategically adding touch, taste, and smell to branded experiences. She believes every detail has the potential to elevate a moment while maintaining a consistent theme with every other element involved in the scene.

Clients have praised Tiffany for her ability to transform any space into an immersive experience. “Tiffany brings brand stories to life in a way that is both visceral and inspiring,” says Dovie Lopez, Regional Sales Manager of ACCESS Destination Services and past president of ILEA Denver. “I hired Tiffany to create unique scent experiences to complement some of our largest events. Recently, she created a scent called Winter Tree to enhance our ‘Into the Forest’ theme. Coupled with over-the-top décor and bespoke catering, the scent was the keystone to transporting the more than 700 guests from a hotel into a forest.”

In the past year, she has scented events in New York, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Minneapolis, Las Vegas, and Denver. She speaks nationally at industry and corporate events and has been a keynote speaker for WIPA, ILEA, DMC Network, Women in Kind, and Thinx.

Tiffany holds a Master’s Degree in Advertising Management from the University of Denver and a dual Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Political Science from St. Mary’s College of Maryland. She is an avid reader, traveler, and explorer; when she isn’t curating scents, you can find her chasing new experiences.

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Scentex Celebrates the Art of Sensory Experience.

Scentex is an event services company that curates and orchestrates custom fragrances for weddings, galas, meetings, and events. Our Fragrance Technicians are on-site for every experience to manage the scentscape in real-time, so it perfectly harmonizes with the overall environment.

By strategically incorporating fragrance into your event, we’ll create a truly memorable experience for your clients and guests. One that is destined to charm, enchant, elevate, and set a new standard for all special occasions moving forward.